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     Trust in God!

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                                    Council President's Report


New Interim Pastor


      I am pleased to announce your church council voted unanimously to call Rev. Paul Winters as our interim pastor at our June 14th council meeting. We are truly blessed to have such a highly qualified individual to lead us during this transitional period. Rev Winters

will serve as a part time pastor (20 hrs/wk) beginning July 1, 2018 with expected tenure

of 1 year. An installation service will be planned once Rev. Winters is on board.

      In addition he will supervise and mentor Mike Hiner in his deacon candidacy with an anticipated completion end of September. Mike will continue to accumulate some of his needed education hours through service to St. Paul's. This added assistance will be very beneficial with a part time pastor. It is also the feeling of the council that we prepare for Mike's completion of his deacon candidacy with anticipation of a call by St. Paul's.


     There is no doubt a Divine Presence has guided us through the past few months and even outlined a possible path forward. I'm truly excited about our future and all we can accom-plish at St. Paul's.




    Earlier in a presidents message I stated that “the one thing certain in the future is

change." In the last few months we have certainly had change. To that end we will have people who embrace change, some that need time to recovery from events of the past, and those that require healing from the change. Those that embrace change will be guided by our congregational meetings and look to the future, those that need time to recover from past events and those that need healing hopefully, with time, make their own peace with change.
It is the intent of this church council to serve all St. Paul's members with leadership, compassion, and healing. All should feel free to contact any council member regarding change, circumstances of change, or healing assistance. With the advent of new pastoral leadership and council leadership we will make peace with the past and move forward

with unity and purpose.


Vertrau Auf Gott
Fred Meers - President Church Council


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