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By now many of you have likely heard bits and pieces about the church council retreat that was held several weeks
ago. In that context, you likely heard the questions "why?”, “what?” and “how?”. Our aim in having the retreat
was to examine how leadership and organizational design affect the life and ministry of churches, especially smaller
churches similar to St Paul’s. Obviously this was only a beginning, a thought provoker. I think it is important that
the congregation at large be kept informed of what we are doing so that all can understand and contribute to our
conversation and possible actions as the year progresses.

A good place to start the conversation is to describe how the “three questions” form a basis for any discussion
about leadership and ministry in any congregation. These questions provide the focal point for any organization,
be it a business, charity, profession, vocation, or congregation. Our resource for this exercise was a video brought
by Mike Hiner explaining how Apple Computer found success by focusing on why the organization exists rather
than going immediately to what it does and how it does it, as is more often the case. Keeping the why centered
keeps the organization on track and communicates its definition and reason for being to those whom it contacts.


The “why?” of St Paul’s can be defined in any number of ways. Many of you heard in the sermon on August 26th
my take on one possible way of defining it, using “The Great Love” (I John 3:1a) , The Great Commandment (Mark
12:30), and The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Another way of putting it might be “Loved by the Father,
Gathered by the Spirit, Sent by the Son”. You might be able to provide other ways of expressing why St Paul’s exists
and why you are a member.


The question “what?” is fairly obvious, and I am sure you could compile a long list of things that we do. Take a look
at the bylaws of the congregation, and you will find a list of “what’s” under each committee designation. I would

suggest “to strive to fulfill the various ministries that God has put before us”. More about that at a later date.

The question “how?” is perhaps the most important one for us to address. As a general answer to the question,

I would suggest “by organizing in such a way as to effectively carry out the ministry with which God has
entrusted us”. When organizing, one size does not fit all. Smaller churches and large churches differ in critical ways
when it comes to organizing for effective ministry! What does an examination of St. Paul’s organizational structure
show that may be hampering its ministry? What does that examination show about what’s working? That is the focus

of our conversation.

As I mentioned earlier, this is just a start. We have a whole year to discuss and design. Please feel free to offer any

suggestions you might have that would assist us, and be assured, we will be keeping you in constant communication.


God’s Blessings as we strive together!
Pastor Paul

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