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                                                                                                                    December 2018



The people who walked in darkness
         have seen a great light;
those who lived in a land of deep darkness—
         on them light has shined.
                                      Isaiah 9:2
I am not a fan of short days and long, dark nights. This time of year Isaiah’s words seem to describe
both my mood and my reality… walking in darkness and living in a land of deep darkness. Sadly,
these words also describe the reality in which our world finds itself. For so many the ravages of war,
the destruction of homes and livelihood, state sponsored terror and violence at the hands of individuals
and gangs, the tragedy brought on by the forces of nature, and so much more suffering overshadow
life like a black cloud, blocking any hope of survival. Surely humanity walks in darkness and lives
in a land of deep darkness.

If Isaiah’s proclamation were not true, surely we would despair. In the midst of that thick darkness, a
beacon shines and overcomes the dense shadow of doubt and fear.

Advent and Christmas proclaim the great act of God that dispels the darkness and casts out our fear.
I love the lights that shine in the dark nights during this season. They may be twinkling strings on
homes and shops. They may be displays on lawns. They may be candles in windows and on an Advent
wreath. Regardless, and almost despite the commercialization that still can point to the Child, we
are reminded that our loving God is not willing to allow the darkness to triumph.

There is great joy in the realization that in the Christ child, the healing Jesus, the dying Savior, the risen
Lord the great light shines into our lives. Now let us reflect that great light into the lives of those in
our world who are still suffering in the darkness.



Pastor Paul


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